Les Mills Combat – Challenge Pack Sale

For the month of June, the LES MILLS COMBAT Challenge Pack is available at $70 of savings if you were to buy these products separately! Each Challenge pack offers you a complete package including: Les Mills Combat fitness program First month of Shakeology Free 30-day trial membership to Team Beachbody Club You will kick, punch, […]

Les Mills Combat Workout – Get Shredded

Have you tried in vain to get that shredded, lean look? Do not be discouraged because the Les Mills Combat workout can help! This high-intensity cardio fitness program will help shred fat from your body. It’s home-based so it’s perfect for busy people too! How many times have you dreaded driving to the gym, looking […]

Les Mills Combat Review

It’s the ultimate mixed martial arts workout program from Beachbody! In this “Les Mills Combat review”, you’ll find out what the buzz is about! With punching, kicking, and striking, this fitness program is no joke. If you are not getting the results you want, this may just be what you need. I did get the […]

Les Mills Pump Cross Training Hybrid

Did you get off-track with your fitness over the holidays? I know I did! Yikes. The day after Thanksgiving, I immediately pulled out my Les Mills Pump Cross Training hybrid calendar and started my 30-day commitment! It was a great solution for me and in this article, I will tell you why it may be […]

Les Mills Combat Workout – Pre-Order October 1

I am so excited about the new Les Mills Combat workout, available for pre-order NOW! Based on the gym version of BodyCombat, you’ll be punching and kicking your way through six martial arts styles over 90 days! Pre-orders will be delivered starting in December 2012. It’s a perfect way for you to get going in […]

Les Mills Flow Review

In this Les Mills Flow review, you’ll learn why this workout is a must to maximize your Les Mills Pump workout. Although most Yoga workouts are about 60 minutes, not everyone has time to do that. At only 20 minutes, you can easily make time for it too. This length of workout cannot replace an […]

Les Mills Pump Sports Attack Review

In this Les Mills Pump Sports Attack review, you will find out why this workout is a must-have. It’s part of the Les Mills Pump deluxe package or the upgrade. Using your own body weight, these high-energy cardio moves will challenge you with athletic agility training. If you want to burn fat, this workout is […]

Dana Lost 150 Pounds with Les Mills Pump

Being overweight can hinder many things in life. For example, Dana did not like to fly on a plane anywhere because she had to get the extender for the seat belt. The key to her success was Les Mills Pump weight loss and doing the activity it took to lose this kind of weight. Les […]

Is Les Mills Pump Workout Right for You

Have you heard of or done BODYPUMP, the amazing gym class created by Les Mills International? Now, you can do the home version of BodyPump in the comfort of your home. The all new LES MILLS PUMP home workout is based on the REP EFFECT where you do 70 to 100 repetitions per body part […]

Where to Buy Les Mills Pump Equipment

You can buy Les Mills Pump equipment for this new at-home fitness program. It comes  with all the equipment you need to get world-class results but you may need additional options. You can get in the best shape of your life with a special technique called The Rep Effect that uses high repetitions and light […]