Weighted Gloves – Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, Cardio, Kickboxing

Use weighted gloves to increase the intensity of your workouts! Weighted gloves are great to use for many types of workouts, like cardio, kickboxing, and martial arts. Chalene Johnson & Shaun T use weighted gloves in their Turbo Jam & Hip Hop Abs workouts. The weighted gloves intensify your cardio workouts so you get the […]

P90X Pull Up Bar or Resistance Bands

P90X includes 3 workout DVDs where you work your back muscles to the extreme: Chest & Back, Legs & Back, and Back & Biceps. Pull-ups are a necessary movement for your upper body development and you’ll do lots of pull-up in the P90X back exercises! You can use either a P90X Pull Up bar or […]

P90X B-Line Resistance Bands Review

The P90X B-Line resistance bands offer good resistance. You can use B-Line resistance bands for most P90X exercises where you usually use weights. The B-Line bands are proven to be as effective as weights, you can also easily take them with you. During the P90X routines, there is always one person on the DVD that […]