Café Latte Shakeology – New Flavor

The newest Shakeology flavor is Café Latte and it’s available now. This delicious new Café Latte flavor has the same protein blend and contains the same healthy ingredients as other Shakeology flavors.

I am also excited about the new Barista Triple Combo box. You get 24 single serving packages of Chocolate, Vanilla and Café Latte Shakeology.

New Cafe Latte Shakeology

Buy now you may be wondering about the ingredients of the new coffee-inspired Shakeology! In this article is all the information you’ll need about Shakeology’s newest Café Latte flavor.

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Who Should Drink Shakeology?

Shakeology was created to help reduce cravings, support healthy energy and weight loss, and support digestion and regularity.

Are you struggling to live a healthier lifestyle? With Shakeology’s superfood ingredients, you will be getting healthy proteins, fiber and antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. That is dense nutrition that will greatly contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

Shakeology will help anyone looking to lose weight by providing key nutrition, fighting junk food cravings, and helping them stay on track with their eating plan.

Why is Café Latte Shakeology so Special?

Are you a coffee lover? Then you will love the taste of Café Latte Shakeology. The taste is similar to that of a frozen coffee drink but you get all the great superfood nutrition of Shakeology.

And the best news is that the new Café Latte flavor has 75% less caffeine than an 8 oz. cup of coffee.

Have you ever heard of whole coffee fruit? Native to region of Mexico and India, coffee fruit surrounds the coffee bean. It’s red fleshy fruit and is a superfood powerhouse nutrient!

New Shakeology Flavor - Cafe Latte

How Do I Buy Café Latte Shakeology?

Starting on January 11, 2016, you can order yours online. Just click here and make your selection.

Choose from the Barista Triple Combo box, Café Latte 30-day bag or Café Latte 24 individual packets.

Are you excited about the new Shakeology Café Latte flavor? I just ordered mine!