Brazil Butt Lift – Does it Work?

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift is the popular workout DVD from Leandro Carvalho. It promises to give you workout results. There are many before and after photos to show you what you can achieve too!

Leandro did a great job in designing a workout plan to help you shape your booty, lose unwanted pounds, and shave a few inches off.

Ladies, you know we all have common problem areas. If you really want to improve those areas, expect to work hard with Brazil Butt Lift. You’ll love your high and tight booty!

It’s a 30-day program that you can repeat once you complete the first month. Since you will most likely see changes in your booty at that time, you can switch to a slightly different routine the next month to get the most out of the workout moves.

Brazil Butt Lift – What to Expect

When I first started, I was already in pretty good fitness condition. I thought it would not be a big deal. Was I in for a surprise!

The first week, my bum hurt a lot! It was hard to sit down. My legs were hurting too and walking up stairs was a challenge. This is to be expected when you start any fitness program that really targets a particular part of your body.

Let’s face, Brazil Butt Lift is targeted to get you great workout results for your booty and it delivers on that promise.

By the end of that first month, I could see some results like more definition in my legs and a lifted bum-bum!
It’s was not always easy and sometimes I just wanted to quit! But I kept going and Leandro makes it fun too!

The entire Brazil Butt Lift program comes with workouts, schedule, and food a guide. It’s really important to follow the food plan (or another one). If you only do the workouts but eat too much or choose foods that are not healthy, you won’t get the results you are after.

It’s not really of question of if the program works. If you want a perfect booty you will have to work for it! But, it will be so worth it! Think of how great YOU will feel and how lovely you’ll look from behind.

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