Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale Tank Top Time Review

If you could do a fun workout in just 30 minutes a day, would you give it try to get bikini-ready?

Leandro Carvalho designed his new Carnivale workouts to be short and nonstop so they fit into your busy schedule.

You may remember Leandro is also the creator of Brazil Butt Lift, another fun, energizing workout that gets results.

Tank Top Time from Carnivale workout

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I got such great results with Brazil Butt Lift, I decided to give Carnivale a try. Today I am sharing my review of Tank Top Time, one of five workouts in the series.

If you like nonstop circuit-style sequences featuring cardio and sculpting moves, you’ll love Carnivale! Plus you get to enjoy super-fun, high-energy music so it hardly feels like a workout!

Does Carnivale Tank Top Time Really Work?

Tank Top Time is aimed at working out your upper body. Perfect for those summer arms! You start out with warmup that gets your upper body ready for this high energy Carnivale workout!

The warmup lasts for about 4 minutes and definitely got my body ready for the workout!

Leandro is great about showing you how to do each move too. You’ll a set of light weights or resistance bands.

I love that there is a modifier. Really helpful when I couldn’t exactly do a move in Carnivale Tank Top Time. There is also a cast member on resistance bands that you can follow if you use them.

I have to tell you – this workout is non-stop. It got my heart pumping in a big way! From the chest press and forward lunge tennis moves to the bent over rows, Leandro kept me moving the entire time.

I felt challenged during the entire workout, even though I used 5 pound dumbbells.

The next day, my muscles were pleasantly sore from the Carnivale Tank Top Time workout. In the last three weeks since I started using Carnivale, I am seeing some definition in my arms again (thank goodness).

I love the energy that Leandro brings to his workouts. The time goes by so fast and I hardly feeling like I am doing such hard work! Because he makes it so much fun.

Although it’s a challenge, Carnivale Tank Top Time is a great workout and I feel like I am getting results, just in time for my summer arms.

Yep, it works!

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