Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum Fitness DVD Review

Bum Bum is a fitness DVD included with the Brazil Butt Lift fitness program by Leandro Carvalho and is his signature workout. Bum Bum (pronounced boom-boom) means booty.

This workout takes you through 30 minutes of butt exercises. You start with moves like plie, passe kick backs which also work on balance, and kick rear lunges. This fitness DVD is an intense cardio and lower body sculpting workout.

Leandro reminds you to use good form, hold your core, and open up your chest. He works in fun butt exercises like ipanema walk and squat touches where the Brazilian music really gets you moving. I love the grab and throw moves that work your butt and waist at the same time!

Bum Bum is a fast paced, with some tough movements that will have your butt on fire! These exercises are very effective in helping to lift and shape your butt. The entire workout DVD is fast paced – you will be moving the entire time.

Brazil Butt Lift gives you more than one version of Bum Bum so you can switch off. Also included is Bum Bum Live, a bonus workout on the same DVD. Bum Bum Live is a 26-minutes workout. Don’t let the short workout time fool you – this one is an amazing challenge that targets and isolates your butt muscles. In this fitness DVD Leandro and Marlene show you all the moves from his New York City training studio.

After a nice set of stretches for you upper body, legs, and butt, Bum Bum Live takes you though some bootylicious moves like lunges, leg raises in various angles, squats and different angle courtesys. Bum Bum Live completes the workout with a much needed 6-minute stretch.

Leandro has no mercy! But if you really want to get your butt shaped up for summer, Brazil Butt Lift is the workout program for you.

If you want ot maximize your booty-beautifying results this is for YOU. The  best part about Brazil Butt Lift is – It Works!

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