Bodybuilding with Body Beast Workout

Beachbody is always surprising us with new and exciting workouts! The new Body Beast program is no different and aims to please, especially if you are looking to bulk up and lose fat. With this workout, you’ll be packing on the muscle!

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Created by Sagi Kaley, a champion bodybuilder, the Body Beast home workout combines both old and new bodybuilding methods to help you develop muscles the natural way. There are no steroids or super expensive gym equipment to get the muscles you always wanted.

So, who should do this extreme workout? You should if you are ready to pack on some muscle. This new bulking up system will include everything you need for:

  • Building muscle
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements

Should You Body Build with Body Beast Workout?

If you want to improve your muscle strength and your health, then Body Beast is the workout for you. As I mentioned, no steroids here! It’s just an all-natural system where you’ll learn how to eat healthy while using specially formulated supplements.

The creator of this powerful new home workout system is Sagi Kalev, a professional bodybuilder whose own success has come from the focus, discipline, determination, and respect he learned during a 4-year tour of duty with the Israeli army.

Sagi Kalev carries his philosophy through the creation of Body Beast fitness program, that is, to be the best at what he does. That means YOU can be the best at what you do!

Does the Body Beast Workout Come with Equipment?

You will need the following equipment for Body Beast:

When Body Beast workout is released, Beachbody will introduce an EZ Curl Bar with weight plates and a flat/incline bench (weight plates are interchangeable with the plates used in the Les Mills Pump program.) The Body Beast equipment will only be sold separately, not bundled with the program.

Does Body Beast Workout Come with Supplements?

Beachbody will be introducing “Beachbody Extreme Nutrition” supplements that are available now and  sold separately or as part of the Huge Stack and Beast Stack kits. They are meant to be used with mass building fitness programs like the new Body Beast but you can also use them with other exercise programs that build muscle like P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump and Chalene Extreme. As usual, Beachbody will use top-notch, high-quality ingredients for the Extreme Nutrition supplements. I can’t wait, can you?

Sure to be in popular demand, the Body Beast program will teach you how to build a strong foundation and using proper technique.

If you are ready to improve your self-image, boost your confidence, and get really BIG, ORDER NOW! All kits include exclusive FREE bonus Lucky 7 DVD, a full-body workout to accelerate your results! ORDER NOW: