Body Gospel Fitness Program with Donna Richardson

Do you want to lose weight and feel great while bringing together your health and spirituality? Exercising with Donna Richardson’s Body Gospel you’ll be getting in great shape while giving thanks to God!

Body Gospel with Donna Richardson is the newest Beachbody fitness program that will be hitting your living room in Spring 2010! Donna Richardson is best known for her “Sweating in the Spirit” show and workout DVDs.

Body Gospel is an inspiring and uplifting Christian fitness program. Body Gospel will also feature a full gospel choir! Donna Richardson will challenge you, make the workouts fun, and give excellent cueing so you don’t miss a thing!

BUY BODY GOSPEL – $79.95 – available now!

Body Gospel

The Body Gospel workout by Beachbody and Donna Richardson will include (subject to change):

  • 6 Body Gospel workoutS ON 3 DVD’s (stretching, crunches, cardio, and calisthenics)
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Fitness Guide
  • Exercise Cards to take along with you

The underlying philosophy of Body Gospel is that your body is a temple that needs the same care and attention you give to other things in your life. Donna’s passion and purpose is to help you take better care of your temple. When you get moving and grooving with Donna Richardson, you get great results in no time! From toning up your abs and arms to slimming down your legs, Donna will have you sweating off the pounds!

BUY BODY GOSPEL – $79.95   – available now!

About Donna Richardson Joyner
A mover and a shaper with infectious spirit and energy, the Silver Springs, MD native created and produced her videos to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among Americans. Her “Sweating In The Spirit” video, which combines spirituality with health, is the #1 gospel exercise video in the country, featuring live performances by gospel greats Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Shirley Murdock. “This is the music that gets your soul stirring,” Richardson Joyner says, “you are giving praise to God and taking care of your temple at the same time.” “Sweating In The Spirit 2” was released in the Winter of 2006, to keep Americans moving. It is a one-of-a-kind product which couples a live concert with an inspirational fitness routine.

Donna is the wife of syndicated radio personality, the “Fly Jock,” Tom Joyner. Recently inducted into the esteemed Fitness Hall of Fame and named by Essence Magazine as being “one of the most inspiring women in America,” the well-toned Dallas, Texas resident also produces and hosts her own “Donna Richardson Show,” which airs on TV One, as well as “Sweating In The Spirit,” which airs on the Word Network.

Today’s authority regarding health and fitness, she has contributed so much to so many and she continues to amass physical fitness recruits to her important crusade every day, whether she touches them via a video, television show, personal appearances or books. Health and fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner is making a significant difference in the lives of countless Americans, by helping them to make physical activity a part of their lifestyle. She is a beacon of light pointing toward healthier lives and better future.
BUY BODY GOSPEL – $79.95 – available now!