Body Beast vs. P90X – Which One Should You Do?

You want to get fit and ripped right? Should you dive into P90X or wait for Body Beast? It’s a big decision – which one should you do? In this article, I show you the difference between Body Beast vs. P90X workouts so you can make a good decision as to which will give you the best muscle building results.

What are the Differences between Body Beast and P90X?

That’s a great question, but first the similarities. They are both 90-day fitness programs that you do at home with equipment. That’s right, no more schlepping to the gym. You can get crazy fit in your living room and have your own amazing transformation story. Think of how much time you’ll save from traveling to the gym and the money you’ll save from gym fees.

Another thing they have in common is that you have to follow the eating plan. If you do the exercise but eat like crap, you’ll never see great results regardless of what workout you do. So get your mind around that and be ready for true commitment.

Let’s get into the differences between the two workouts.

What is the BODY BEAST Workout Program?

Created by Sagi Kalev, this intense program is aimed at big muscle gain. Yep, it’s pure bodybuilding that is designed to pack on the muscle like never before! If you are looking for a new way to burn fat, this is your complete system with a healthy eating plan. Also available as an option is a whole new line of Beachbody extreme supplements that are natural with no harmful steroids. I love that! Read more about the extreme supplements.

Body Beast vs. P90X

I recently heard that in the test group, participants put on 10 pounds of muscle in just 90 days. Now that is some serious muscle gains! Read more about it .

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What is the P90X Fitness Program?

P90X is a successful at-home fitness program by Tony Horton. Designed for overall fitness, you can improve your entire body with this training system. Increased speed, strength, flexibility, and muscle growth can be yours by pushing play daily on 12 DVDs and following the Nutrition Plan.

I have to stress that P90X is NOT aimed at mass muscle gain nor it is designed that way. You will get great results though and improvements. It’s worth it, believe me. There are so many success transformation stories I can’t begin to list them here. Read our review here.

The bottom line is that you need to decide what your goal is before choosing. The main difference between the two one is mass muscle building and the other is overall fitness.

If you decide to go with Body Beast, I recommend that you do a round of P90X first to prepare your body and get it running efficiently before working out with the big boys.

Now that you have understanding of the Body Beast vs. P90X, which one will you do?