Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlocks Available

Great news Beachbody On Demand fans! You can now access Digital Unlocks, a new feature available to members.

As a premium club member, you can save big on fitness programs like T25, Body Beast and CIZE.

Access Digital Unlocks for Beachbody Fitness programs

With Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlock, you get the workouts and receive access to the online downloads of the nutritional program guides and workout calendars.

Grab your 30-day free trial to Beachbody On Demand! Immediate access.

The Digital Unlocks include base kit workouts, deluxe kit workouts, and base & deluxe workout bundles.

How does Digital Unlocks Work in Beachbody On Demand?

For a limited time, Beachbody On Demand subscribers can unlock a full Purchased Program without ordering the DVD kit.

When an On Demand subscriber pays to unlock a Beachbody Purchased Program, they get unlimited access to stream it under Purchased Programs as long as they are a paid Premium Team Beachbody member.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into Beachbody On Demand
  2. Find the fitness program you want to unlock. Body Beast, CIZE and T25 are available now.
    Unlock CIZE workout in Beachbody On Demand
  3. Click Unlock Now.
  4. You can try a sample workout or Unlock Now to get access to the full program. You can also view the workouts and downloadable guides that are available.
    Unlock CIZE workout and get access

Big Savings with Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlocks

You can save big by Unlocking Beachbody Digital fitness programs. For example:

Body Beast retail $39.90, Unlock $19.95

CIZE retail $59.85, Unlock $29.95

Focus T25 retail $119.85, Unlock $29.95

Grab your 30-day free trial to Beachbody On Demand! Immediate access.

You can see how much you save by using the Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlocks! I love it and can’t wait for more fitness programs to be unlocked.


I’ve introduced you to a new way to purchase world-class fitness programs from Beachbody. You’ll get amazing savings by using Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlocks.

Are you excited about this or do you prefer to stick with the DVDs?