Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial Offer

Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial OfferTry the Beachbody Challenge pack $14.95 trial offer to know if you will get health and fitness results. If you do not see results, you can return everything in the pack. What a great way to try before you buy!

Each complete package provides everything you need to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. But you need to hurry as this promo is only available through July 31, 2012. Before you go ordering anything read this article to get the details about the “Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 trial offer”.

Customer Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial Offer

You know you’ve wanted to try a fitness program and Shakeology but just didn’t get around to it. Well, this is so easy and it’s a trial so you have nothing to lose, right? If you continue to be a couch potato and your fitness program gathers dust, you can send it back, no questions asked.

On the other hand, if you commit and get moving, you’ll get results and will be happy to pay the full price after 30 days. This trial deal is a great way to see if you like the stuff.

Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack Trial Offer P90X Challenge Pack Trial Offer TurboFire Challenge Pack Trial offer

Here’s what the pack includes:

  • Your choice of

  • First 30-day supply of Shakeology with Home Direct. You choose from 3 flavors: Chocolate, Greenberry, or Tropical Strawberry. This means you will receive Shakeology every 30 days and will be billed on a monthly basis for each shipment. Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime with a quick call to Customer Service.
  • 30-day Team Beachbody VIP Club membership

Now, what happens when you see great results after 30 days and want to keep the Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 trial offer? You keep it and you will be billed the full amount of the pack as follows:

  • P90X = $205
  • TurboFire = $205
  • Brazil Butt Lift = $160

What a great way to try before you buy!

Coach Enrollment Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial Offer

This is a great way to enroll as a coach too! When you enroll as a coach with a pack, your enrollment fee is waived. That’s right, it’s FREE. And now, you can take advantage of the Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial Offer when you signup.

The details are the same as for a customer, however you will go through the coach enrollment link.

Here’s how:

  1. Click here for the Coach Signup page.
  2. Fill out the “Coach Information” page, check the 3 boxes at the bottom and sign, and click
  3. the “Continue My Enrollment” button.
  4. Decline the purchase of the full-price Challenge Pack in order to receive the Trial Offer
  5. in the next screen.
  6. Choose the Trial Offer Challenge Pack.
  7. Check out.

Then you are done and will be a coach on my team! I will contact you within 24 hours and start working with you towards success. What a great way to get started with your business!

Whether you want to be a coach or a customer, I love this deal! Take advantage today.

Now that you learned the details of the Beachbody Challenge Pack $14.95 Trial Offer, go get yours – TurboFire, P90X, or Brazil Butt Lift