Abs Rapido – Brazil Butt Lift Workout Review

ABS RAPIDO is one of 3 workouts that are part of the Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe DVD set. At just 10 minutes, Ab Rapido is designed to slim and strengthen your abs. Leandro Carvalho does a great job of leading you through this tough workout, while making it fun.

Dumbbells are recommended to get the most out of the Abs Rapido workout. The weight guidelines are:

  • Beginner: 3 – 5 pounds
  • Intermediate: 5 – 8 pounds
  • Advanced: 8 – 10 pounds

Leandro promises to get your abs in the best shape ever! Starting with a warm-up, Leandro leads you through standing rotations (singles, doubles and traveling) and kettleball swings. These moves get you warm and help stretch your core.

Out of the 4 people on the DVD, one is an exercise modifier. If you don’t want to use a dumbbell, you can always follow the modifier who does not use a dumbbell for the workout. You will still get a great workout. I recommend doing Brazil Butt Lift Abs Rapido the first time without a dumbell so you get used to the movements.

Continuing in a standing position, you’ll do interesting exercises like Oblique Cross and Oblique Cross with Knee Up.

Wood Chop Rotation is one of favorite moves. It really gets the waist area working! The Side Wheel Knee exercise also focuses on those obliques in a standing position.

The most unique exercise on Abs Rapido was the Standing Ab Crunches. Leandro and his friends make it look easy but no, it’s not.

The final 3 minutes start out with Plank and Side Plank position. These are great moves to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also work all the core muscles like the back and hips. If you are up to the challenge, Leandro takes you through level II Side Plank where you lift one leg while in side plank position.Yikes! You may have to work your into that one!

You finish up the Brazil Butt Lift Abs Rapido with a well deserved Child’s Pose. This 10 minute Abs workout is tough and will help you get great abs in a short amount of time. It’s a great workout especially when you are short on time.

The Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe DVD Set includes 3 Additional workouts

  • RIO EXTREME – Break through exercise plateaus with this challenging workout. (50 min.)
  • ABS RAPIDO – Slim and strengthen your abs with this tummy-tightening workout. (10 min.)
  • UPPERCUTS – Incorporate kickboxing moves into your workout for sleek, sexy arms. (13 min.)

In these workouts, trainer Leando Carvalho focuses on additional key areas of the body and take your results to the next level.

Ready to get the abs and booty you always wanted?