Hi, I’m Lisa and I write Live Fitness Now to help peoplewith the information and motivation to reach their fitness goals. I started LiveFitnessNow.com in 2009 after I completed the Beachbody P90X fitness program and became an Independent Beachbody Coach. P90X  inspired me to share my Beachbody experience with others.

I  live in southern California where the weather is usually nice! I love the outdoors. I work in the field of computers, which has wreaked havoc on my body (too much sitting).

I enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle  but needed to re-energize my workouts. I stopped going to the gym because it was so crowded and inconvenient, opting for the great outdoors instead. For the last two-years my fitness regime was mostly centered around outdoor hiking, trail running, walking long distances, and some at-home pilates and yoga. My eating habits were always very healthy so weight was not a problem.

The problem was that I no longer had any upper body strength at all. The under part of my arms were starting to jiggle and it was more difficult to sustain good posture due to weak back muscles. My back was hurting all the time. My gluteus muscles were also jiggling!

A family member told me about P90X and how Tony Horton presented the fitness routines in a fun, motivating way. I was also told it was extreme and difficult!

I love a good challenge! I purchased my own P90X and couldn’t wait to get started!

Now I am hooked. Working out at home is so convenient and cost much less than a gym membership. It’s also fun! I look forward to my workout with Tony Horton and the gang. It’s been a wonderful addition to my outdoor activities and has transformed my body, giving me the strength and tone I was looking for.

I also joined Team Beachbody, where there is an entire community of people just like me, who want to get fit, stay fit, and help each other.

Interested in being a Beachbody Coach like me? Visit my Coach Opportunity Web site or head straight to my Beachbody sign up page.