7 Fitness Success Solutions You Can Use Now

Are you ready to reach your ideal weight and fitness goals? If you have struggled with fitness success or have new goals you want to reach, I have some tips for success.

7 Fitness Success Solutions You Can Use Now

Before you even get started with your exercise program, make a decision and then stick to it. You can one of those fitness success stories we always read about. It’s all up to you.

Here are fitness success tips that you can use now.

7 Ways to Fitness Success

1 – Document your starting weight and measurements.

I know this is a hard one, believe me. But how will you track your progress without documenting where you start? In addition to taking measures and weight, be sure to take a photo. Once you start hitting your goals, you will love seeing your before and after. It will make a huge difference in your motivation as well.

Documenting your starting point before starting any exercise program is a must to see results.

How do you keep track of your progress?

2 – Weigh yourself one time per week

There is no need to go overboard and weigh yourself daily. In fact, it’s healthy to lose two pounds a week so daily weigh-ins would not be of much benefit here.

You’ll also experience weight fluctuations on a daily basis. Just stick to your healthy eating habits and fitness success routine, and you’ll likely see progress on the scale once a week.

3 – Use the 80/20 healthy eating rule

If you decide to go cold turkey and cut out every unhealthy food, you will set yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success instead. Most of the time, eat healthy.

Your fitness success program should also include a healthy eating plan. For 20% of the time, it’s not terrible to eat a cookie or slice of pizza. Just don’t eat the whole box!

Swaps soda for unsweetened tea

4 – Plan your meals

You will have an easier time to sticking to healthy eating if you plan ahead. Decide what your healthy meals are for the entire week. Do your grocery shopping and have a meal plan for each. You can even prepare some meals ahead of time. Planning ahead is a key method for you to stick to healthy eating plan.

5 – Workout even if you are sore

There is a difference between being sore and injury. Certainly you don’t want to workout if you have an injury.

However soreness is very typical especially when you start exercising or if you start a new level of fitness program. The mistake many people make is stopping their workout routine due to soreness. That is one cycle you’ll never get out of.

Work through the soreness. Believe me, it will help it go away faster. Another point about soreness is to exercise at your own pace. If you push yourself too far, it will be harder for your body to recover.

6 – Create new habits

All life changes require new habits and fitness success is no different. You may have a habit of grabbing that bag of chips and sitting down watch a TV show. Or maybe you always choose to surf the Internet instead of doing your exercise.

Regardless of what you did before, it’s time to create new habits on your journey to health and fitness success. At first, it will definitely feel a little uncomfortable. You may even find yourself in a bad mood. Have no fear! Exercise is a huge stress reducer and over time, you’ll feel better and better. Trust the process.

Choose healthy foods

7 – Create a workout schedule and stick with it

Whether you are doing a home fitness program or create your own, stick to the schedule! If you miss a workout, just continue where you left off.

But make sure you continue. It’s easy to fall into poor habits so do your best to build the workout schedule into your daily calender. Treat it like any other important meeting.


The journey to health and fitness success can be a bumpy one but you can do it!

Which of these tips are you already using and which one will you start using?