3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are a time of merriment and family gatherings. You know what that means: lots of eating! With tons of goodies around and other comfort foods, it’s no wonder that millions of American gain a few extra pounds this time of year.

This type of weight just creeps up on you and before you know it, bam, you are 10 pounds heavier. Increased calorie intake over a few weeks can leads to long-term weight gain. In addition to partaking in holiday faire, many people suddenly have no time to exercise!

This holiday season, do something different. If you want to, you can get through the holiday season without gaining weight! Here are 5 easy tips to avoid weight gain when the parties are in full swing around you.

  • Keep exercising. This one is pretty obvious but most people don’t! Have you ever gone to the gym during November and December? There are plenty of treadmills available because shopping and parties become everyone’s priority instead. The best things you can do are stick with your exercise schedule and stay focused on your goals (no, not your party goals!) Make sure you make time for your workouts. Get up a little earlier or shave a little time off that party. Most of all, make fitness a habit all year-long.You’ll be happy you did, especially when your favorite skinny jeans continue to fit just right!
  • Eat before the party. This is an old trick I learned years ago. Eat something healthy before you arrive at the party so you won’t be hungry. Just think about how much better you’ll feel and what a great time you’ll have at the party knowing that your cute dress will still fit you the next day! Plus you’ll need some healthy food energy to dance the night away!
  • Buy cute, new clothes before the holiday. I know this might be a little out of reach for some, but hey, with Black Friday sales you should be able to get some bargains. Pick up that holiday dress or new skinny jeans and be proud of how great you look in these great new clothes! Next time you think about eating a sugar intense cookie or heavy holiday meal, think about how you won’t be getting the zipper up on your brand new clothes!

With a strong desire and some focus, you’ll be able to avoid weight gain during the holiday season and have your friends telling you how great you look!