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5 Simple Ways to Starting an Exercise Plan

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of starting an exercise plan? I get lots of questions about this: what to do, where to start, how to a workout schedule and much more. Before even starting an exercise plan the best thing to do is plan ahead and prepare yourself for a new healthy lifestyle. […]

7 Fitness Success Solutions You Can Use Now

Are you ready to reach your ideal weight and fitness goals? If you have struggled with fitness success or have new goals you want to reach, I have some tips for success. Before you even get started with your exercise program, make a decision and then stick to it. You can one of those fitness […]

Café Latte Shakeology – New Flavor

The newest Shakeology flavor is Café Latte and it’s available now. This delicious new Café Latte flavor has the same protein blend and contains the same healthy ingredients as other Shakeology flavors. I am also excited about the new Barista Triple Combo box. You get 24 single serving packages of Chocolate, Vanilla and Café Latte […]