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Is Beachbody Shakeology Worth It?

Curious about whether Beachbody Shakeology is worth it? It’s easy for me to say, “Absolutely yes,” but there is no real clear answer. Why? Because it depends on your and what your end goal is. I found that it really helped me get healthier, feel more energized, and lose a few pounds. Since I don’t […]

Are P90X Supplements Worth It?

If you want to be get fitness results, you need to approach your exercise program the right way. So many people have asked me if P90X supplements are worth it. Think about this. If you want to achieve a great result, would you only go halfway? If you really want to lose weight and get […]

Insanity Workout – 2 New DVDs

We are super excited because Insanity workout just got better! The release of 2 new DVDs will be an amazing addition to your exercise program. Shaun T. holds nothing back with on these 2 new DVDs. If you thought the original was tough, get ready to have a real challenge with “Sanity Check” and “Fast […]

Les Mills Combat Review

It’s the ultimate mixed martial arts workout program from Beachbody! In this “Les Mills Combat review”, you’ll find out what the buzz is about! With punching, kicking, and striking, this fitness program is no joke. If you are not getting the results you want, this may just be what you need. I did get the […]