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P90X2 Phase 1 Foundation Review

After several rounds of P90X workout, I was super excited to start P90X2. This workout is structured very different from its predecessor and has 3 training phases: Phase 1 Foundation Phase 2 Strength Phase 3 Performance When I first started, I was underwhelmed with P90X2 Foundation. In the first couple of workout days, the exercises […]

4 Tips to Succeed with Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

On January 1, 2012, millions of people will wake up excited about their New Year’s fitness resolutions. By the end of January, 95% of those people will  have failed at those New Year’s resolutions for one reason or another. Don’t be one of them! Here are 4 tips to help you succeed with your fitness […]

Top 4 Fitness Myths

When it comes to fitness, we hear information from many different sources and everyone claims to be an expert. Sometimes our family and friends give us fitness information that is not always true. They heard it from someone and just passed it on. If you listen to everything you hear, you may never reach your […]

Les Mills PUMP Workout Base and Deluxe Kits

An equipment based home fitness program Les Mills PUMP workout was created from the popular BodyPump classes. This exciting new home workout program is barbell-based, uses the Rep Effect, and features 14 certified Les Mills instructors. 3 Phases in Les Mills Pump Workout Designed to get your body lean in 90 days, this program progresses […]

What are Benefits of Tai Chi Exercise?

Are you looking for a form of exercise that is rewarding, both physically and mentally? The benefits of Tai Chi are just what you are looking for. Do you struggle to find an exercise routine that you enjoy? People have enjoyed the benefits of Tai Chi practice for centuries  and it continues to be popular […]

3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are a time of merriment and family gatherings. You know what that means: lots of eating! With tons of goodies around and other comfort foods, it’s no wonder that millions of American gain a few extra pounds this time of year. This type of weight just creeps up […]

Does Muscle Confusion Really Work?

Does muscle confusion really work? Just ask Ryan, a long-time gym rat who finally committed to muscle confusion with P90X! Before starting the P90X home-fitness program, he was tired, lethargic, and out of shape. He knew he could be fit, but also knew he was not fit, and needed something to get fit! Even after […]