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How Does the Les Mills BodyPump Rep Effect Work?

What exercise resistance program has awesome music, gets you in shape, and strengthen your body? The one and only Les Mills BodyPump, the workout of choice for over 6 million people a week! We are so excited that BodyPump will be available soon as a home workout too, called Les Mills Pump! With BodyPump by […]

60 Day Insanity Workout Results

Before ordering Insanity workout program, Vanessa had her doubts. Could Shaun T. really get her the body of her dreams in 60 days? Yes he can and her new, toned body is proof! Insanity MAX interval training is crazy. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done. Instead of tradition interval training, you perform long bursts of […]

Team Beachbody e-Gift Cards

This year, use e-gift cards to give the gift of fitness and health to family and friends! You can purchase Team Beachbody e-Gift cards and send to anyone you want via email. These electronic gift certificates are easy to buy and easy to use. Then, your recipient can redeem it just like cash and it […]

3 Healthy Foods That Are Affordable

Eating healthy foods is sometimes challenging. I hear it all the time from people, “eating healthy is too expensive.” Really? I eat extremely healthy and I bet my weekly food bill is less than theirs! It’s completely inaccurate to think that healthy food is more expensive. More expensive than what? The processed, low nutrition, high-calorie […]

Using the P90X iPhone App

The new P90X App for iPhone complements the P90X workouts that you already own. It’s not intended to replace the fitness program. The app adds convenience to your life, with personalized tools for planning and tracking your workouts that you can take with you on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Here are some basics […]

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide

P90X2 is the newest workout from Beachbody and the result of 2 years of research and development by a qualified team of experts in fitness and nutrition. I am excited about the P90X Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide because it addresses a broad spectrum of eating styles and needs. Everyone has a different way of […]

P90X App for iPhone

It’s official – Beachbody just released a super cool P90X app for iPhone that is  a complete system for tracking and logging your P90X workouts, nutrition tracker and viewing the workouts on your iPhone or iPad! I am super excited about the new iPhone app because you’ll be able to take your workouts with you […]

Beachbody Challenge Pack Available Now

Tired of feeling tired, overweight, and out-of-shape? It’s time to end your unhealthy habits and get healthy and fit! When you commit to a fitness program and nutrition plan, you can achieve success. To stay accountable, join others in an established workout accountability group. When everyone is consistent and share similar goals, it’s a lot […]