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Insanity Asylum Featured on WPIX 11 News

Recently, Insanity Asylum was featured on WPIX 11 News, a television station in New York City. Asylum claims to be an intense and effective workout so Lisa Mateo, PIX Morning News Features Reporter, gave the workout a try with Shaun T. She got a few PIX employees together and headed over to New York Sports […]

Can Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.) Maximize Athletic Performance

The newest, most extreme fitness program yet is P90X2. With P90X2, you get functional training, strength training, plyometrics and P.A.P. all in one fitness program. So why use Post Activation Potentiation methods in P90X2 exercises? Let’s explore P.A.P. and see what all the fuss is about. All athletes and their coaches knows just how important […]

Is Being Overweight and Unhealthy the New Normal?

In the last 20 years, the rate of obesity has increased. According to national surveys, 67 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Are people getting comfortable with being overweight? Being overweight is a lifestyle that is the number one cause for many diseases and conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, high […]

Body Gospel LIVE Workout Review

With Body Gospel LIVE, you’ll exercise for 30 uplifting minutes with Donna Richardson and a live gospel choir! Although this workout is part of the Body Gospel workout package, you can now buy it as a stand-alone workout DVD. You can truly feel the power of working out with the live Judacamp choir in the […]

Jeff Lost 150 Pounds with Insanity Workout

Jeff a father of two was more than 150 pounds overweight at just 39 years old! He decided to lose weight and live a better quality life so he got Insanity, the most intense home workout ever! When he started he was more out of shape than at any time in his life. At 375 […]

Beachbody Challenge – Win $100,000

This is your invitation to the Beachbody Challenge, where you can win cash rewards and even a trip as you get healthy and transform your life! When you make a commitment to get fit through daily changes in your life, you can win up to $100,000! More important, you’ll be changing those habits that contribute […]

P90X2 X2 Arms and Shoulders Workout Preview

X2 Shoulders and Arms is one of 14 workouts that come with P90X2, the newest groundbreaking fitness program from Beachbody. The exercises in P90X2 Shoulders and Arms is a challenge that takes your fitness to a whole new level with new exercise training techniques developed by professional sports trainers. The focus of X2 Shoulders and […]