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P90X2 Workout

P90X2 is the next step up from P90X, Beachbody’s most successful workout program. With this P90X2 sequel, you can expect to be even stronger, more ripped and more flexible than with P90X. . You will maximize intensity and efficiency with P90X2, a 5 day per week fitness program. The reason it’s only 5 days is […]

Mother of Three Gets Six-Pack Abs

Prior to having babies, Monica used to work out on a regular basis. She was fit, just not P90X fit. Before starting P90X, she made every excuse not to workout. Excuses like having a 2-year old plus twins. She also ran a business. Letting all these obstacles get in her way, her previously toned body […]

P90X2 Total Body Workout Preview

One of the hot, new workouts included with P90X-2 is X2 Total Body! You can see in the video that these moves really kick things up a notch! X2 Total Body will hit every part of your body so you better stock up on P90X Results and Recovery drink! The good news about P90X2 is […]

Greg Lost 87 Pounds with P90X

No matter where you start, P90X workout can help you lose weight just like the workout helped Greg lose 87 pounds. In April of 2009, he was turning 36 years old. On a regular doctor checkup visit, his doctor congratulated him on being the youngest, walking heart attack he’d ever seen! How is that for […]

Body Gospel 3-Day Jump Start Plan

Losing weight can be challenging for some people. To make it easier and get a jump start on your weight loss, kick up your metabolism and clean up your diet in three days. The Body Gospel Jump Start Plan can help you remove the bad foods from your daily diets and replace them with good […]

How to Prepare for P90X2

P90X2 is the newest home fitness program by expert trainer Tony Horton. This sequel to P90X will be available for pre-order in September 2011 and shipping in late November. That gives you plenty of time to prepare for P90X2! Click here to buy P90X2 now! We’ve heard some great feedback about this 90-day program that […]

P90X One on One Volume 2

If you are a fan of P90X you will love the One on One workouts! Think extreme intensity, but shorter. At 20 to 40 minutes, you will be targeting specific muscle groups to keep challenging yourself beyond the traditional P90X workout. If you are doing workouts like P90X, Insanity, or ChaLEAN Extreme you can easily […]

Target Heart Rate Zone

You must understand your target heart rate which is bringing your rate to a certain level in order to get a good aerobic workout. If not, it will be difficult to lose weight or get in shape! Your general physical condition is measured by your heart rate. When you visit the doctor, they find your […]

Eating Late at Night

Is it bad to eat late at night? This question has sparked a lot of debate in the last few years. Many people think that eating late at night will lead to weight gain or make it harder to lose weight. Others think that it doesn’t matter what time you eat as it has no […]