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Shaun T. Workout at Beachbody Coach Summit 2011

The 2011 Team Beachbody Coach Summit was amazing! Aside from all the great training, announcements, and celebrations, we got to work out live with our favorite trainers like Shaun T. On Friday night, each trainer held individual workouts. We could choose from Shaun T., Tony Horton, Debbie Siebers, Brett Hoebel, Donna Richardson, and Leandro Carvalho. […]

P90X2 – Buy Now

P90X2 is the long awaited sequel to P90X, Beachbody’s life-changing workout. If you think you got strong, flexible, and ripped with the original workout, this program will kick it up a notch and you can pre-order now! Designed for maximum intensity and efficiency, this new 90-day workout program features such intense cutting-edge moves, that you […]

Jennifer Lost 10 Pounds with Insanity Workout

Jennifer took the Insanity workout challenge and looks amazing. Several months ago, she was sad, depressed, and going through a divorce. After having chest pains and a trip to the doctor, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure at age 31! That was a wakeup call that scared her and she knew she had to […]

Deanne Got Sexy Abs with P90X

Deanne’s body looks even better at 44 than it did in her 20’s. Even after having 2 kids! What’s her secret? It’s P90X, Tony Horton’s 90-day fitness system! What was she like before P90X? Everything was getting squishy and looking old. At 44 years old, she felt like she still had something inside her. When […]

TurboFire Success Story – Stacey B.

As a Mom of 2 boys, Stacey has a body she never had before because of Turbofire. Before having children, she led an active lifestyle. After she had her kids, Stacey could not lose the baby weight. She could not get back to the body she used to have before and felt like she was […]

Insanity Asylum Workout with Shaun T – Available Now

Insanity Asylum is the new fitness program from Shaun T. This workout takes you to the athletic field and is pure athletics – all sport’s specific training. Yes, it’s much harder than the original Insanity! This new insane workout is a 30-day at-home fitness program and includes 7 intense workouts on 6 DVDs. Click here […]