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5 Fitness and Health Tips for Summer

Staying healthy and fit in summer can be a challenge. With summer vacations and lazy days, staying energized to fit in those workouts and pay attention to food choices may take even more effort. That energy you had at the start of the year to stick with your fitness program may have gotten off track […]

TurboFire Advanced Workouts

Chalene Johnson’s newest fitness program is TurboFire. It’s available in the basic kit with 12 workouts on 10 DVDs. You can also get the Advanced Class package that includes 5 additional workouts. Are the Advanced Class workouts worth it? Let’s compare the pricing of both kits: TurboFire basic package  (12 workouts) – $119.70 (includes FREE […]

Save Money with Shakeology Monthly Autoship

We’ve all seen the food pyramid and been preached to about eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day. It’s hard to eat the recommended daily servings, especially with today’s busy lifestyles. Convenience foods maybe tempting, but let’s face it, they are so processed that there are no nutrient left! Plus they […]

Shakeology HD and FREE P90X One on One Workout DVD

Good news! For the entire month of May 2011, order Shakeology on HD (Home Direct or autoship) through my link and I will personally send you one DVD from the past P90X One on One collection – you choose! This is my personal Shakeology offer for my Team Beachbody customers and you must order through […]

Best Way To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Are you looking to lose weight and keep it off? Of course you are! We all want to look our best. You must consistently burn more or as many calories as you take in. There is no way around it! If you cringe every time you step on the scale, you need to stop making […]

P.A.P. P90X One on One – P90X2

This month’s P90X One on One workout, Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.) will have you building power, strength, and explosiveness. You’ll be crushing your workout with Speed Slaloms, 4-Ball Chaturangas, and more, guaranteed to turn you into a puddle of sweat in 70 minutes. In this P90X One on One workout, you’ll be working on neuromuscular […]

Healthy Eating – 6 Tips to Stick with a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating can make a huge difference in your life and it’s never too late to start. You may feel stuck in an unhealthy food lifestyle or burdened by a ravenous appetite, but you can change that! By making the right food choices every day, you can lose weight and feel more energized! Losing weight […]

Insanity The Asylum Deluxe

INSANITY: THE ASYLUM is the newest intense workout from Beachbody and Shaun T. It combines MAX Interval Training with progressive sports drills to push you to dig even deeper then you did with Insanity. Leading you through sports-based exercises is your expert fitness trainer, Shaun T. He makes sure that the drills get progressively harder. […]

Insanity Weight Loss Success Stories

Are you unhappy with your weight? Do you look in the mirror and feel depressed? You are not alone! Being overweight and out of shape is a common problem but here’s a solution that can change all that for you and turn you into a weight loss success story! INSANITY is a 60-day cardio-based total-body […]