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Prepare for Insanity The Asylum Workout

Insanity: The Asylum is the newest home fitness program by expert trainer and athlete, Shaun T. Available now! only at Team Beachbody and we’ve heard some great feedback about it! The Asylum, a 30-day workout program, goes beyond Insanity, with a series of brutal workouts. With Insanity, you performed long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with […]

TurboFire and P90X Hybrid Workout

As a P90Xer, switching to TurboFire was a new challenge! You can read my review of TurboFire. After 5 weeks of TurboFire, my cardio improved and I definitely turned up the burn. So much in fact that I needed to back off! I don’t need to lose weight but when doing TurboFire and drinking Shakeology […]

TurboFire Workout Review – Does It Really Work?

As a P90Xer, starting a new fitness program like TurboFire was a new challenge. At first, TurboFire workouts were frustrating because of the choreographed moves which I didn’t get right away. I am better with traditional exercises. But I used the super cool “New to Class” option where Chalene Johnson steps through the moves so […]

P90X One on One V Sculpt – FREE Door Attachment

This workout is how you make that gorgeous V shape happen. Tony Horton alternates between back and biceps, torturing each group equally. From Zip Kip Iso Chin-Ups for your back to Flip Grip Arm Curls, you’re in for a monster pump. Plus, with this month’s P90X One on One, you get a FREE door attachment. […]

TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid Workout

Looking for the TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid workout schedule? I’ve gotten lots of emails about this lately! You can find the schedule in the TurboFire Turn Up the Burn guide on page 56. The schedule is 5 non-tear out pages and covers 20 weeks. When TurboFire meets ChaLEAN Extreme, you get the ultimate hybrid […]

Team Beachbody Exclusive FREE Bonus Workout DVDs

When you are a FREE or paid member of Team Beachbody, you get access to exclusive FREE DVDs with 8 Beachbody workout programs! These FREE DVDs are not available anywhere else! Each FREE Beachbody DVD has a $19.95 value and you get it when you purchase any of the following workout programs. For some of […]

Why Shakeology is Best Meal Replacement Shake

Looking for the best meal replacement shake? You can stop searching now! Here’s why. Shakeology is the ultimate nutrition rich protein shake that provides healthy nutrients in a low calorie formula. Take the  guesswork out of your nutrition. Whether you use the best meal replacement shake for weight loss, or just to make sure your body gets all […]