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Goodbye 2010, Hello to Getting Fit in 2011

Are you serious about your health and fitness? New Year is a time for resolutions and setting goals. You are probably thinking about your weight loss and fitness goals. There is no better time to transform your life than right now! Really, are you going to let another year pass by without doing anything about […]

Heather Lost 36 Pounds with Body Gospel Fitness Program

Being overweight affected Heather’s confidence, especially when she wanted to do things. She decided to give Body Gospel a try. It’s the connection she needed to get healthy. Heather hoped to become an even better person with a faith that is strengthened. Body GospelĀ  with Donna Richardson is a comprehensive fitness program that connects the […]

Brett Hoebel – Mystery Trainer for The Biggest Loser Season 11?

The BIG news about “The Biggest Loser” is that in Season 11, two new trainers will join the cast. “The Biggest Loser” is a compelling weight-loss reality television show where two celebrity fitness trainers – Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper – help overweight contestants transform their bodies and health, leading to changed lives. Now starting […]

Do You Hate Exercise? 5 Tips to Learn to Love Working Out

Some people hate exercise. Are you one of them? Most people that hate working out, also hate the way they look. It becomes a vicious circle. It’s a proven fact that regular fitness activity leads to healthy living, reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. It also helps you look […]

Keeping Your Fitness New Years Resolution

It’s another New Year and like countless other people, you will wake up on January 1 with the intention of losing weight and getting in shape. You are not alone! On average, only 20% of people actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions with the biggest failures in fitness resolutions. If you want to be […]

Bridget Lost 20 Pounds with TurboFire

Bridget was always fit and healthy but in the last two years, her family fell on hard times. She stopped working out and did not take good care of herself. One day, she saw a photo of herself and could not believe it! She thought she looked “stuffed”. She thought “this is it!” When TurboFire […]

Get P90X One on One for One Penny

Have you wanted to try the P90X One on One workout DVDs? One on One workout DVD with Tony Horton is the perfect follow-up program to maintain and build on your P90X results! The good news is for the whole month of December, you can buy this month’s P90X One on One DVD for just […]