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Lose Baby Weight with TurboFire Workout

After having three children, Lisa was left with a baby fat belly and needed to get rid of the baby weight. TurboFire —Chalene Johnson’s scorching-hot cardio conditioning program—helped her burn off 15 pounds and 25.5 inches, all in the comfort of her home. Before starting TurboFire, Lisa was not very motivated and hesitated to try […]

Insanity Fitness Success Story – Pamela H.

Pam is 45 years old and recently completed the Insanity workout with Shaun T. She heard about this at-home fitness program and was a little intimidated. She was not sure if she could do Insanity but decided to try it anyway! Pam had no idea what she was in for. Not only do you have […]

How I Lost 5 Pounds

At 5 feet 4.5 inches, gaining weight, even 5 pounds. really shows on my body frame. I needed to lose weight  and get down down to my normal weight which was 5 pounds less.  I already eat healthy, just maybe too much of it! I started drinking Shakeology. Due to my crazy schedule, I did […]