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Frank Lost 58 Pounds with Body Gospel

Frank weighed 288 pounds. His blood pressure was affected and he tried at least 10 diets programs without success. He felt that he was chosen to participate in Body Gospel to recharge his body spiritually and that is exactly what happened! In his first 30 days of doing the Body Gospel fitness program, Frank lost […]

Denis O’Hare – True Blood’s Vampire King – Does P90X

He plays Vampire King Russell, on HBO’s True Blood vampire series and Denis O’Hare does P90X in real life. Many of the characters on True Blood have shown awesome bodies under those clothes, like Sheriff Eric Northman and Bill Compton. In fact, Eric Northman’s steamy naked scene with Talbot may have even raised a few […]

Free Shipping – P90X Results & Recovery Formula

The P90X Results and Recovery Formula is a post workout drink.  If you are doing an extreme fitness program like P90X or Insanity, you will benefit from this recovery formula. The P90X Recovery Formula helps you to refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness. And now, you can get FREE basic shipping on the P90X Results […]

TurboFire Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide Review

TurboFire, the latest 12-week fitness program from Chalene Johnson, includes the Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide. With 100 pages of comprehensive information about how to eat over the course of the TurboFire program, Fuel the Fire gives you everything you need to succeed with your weight loss! You will learn how to calculate your daily […]

Insanity Fast and Furious Review

If you are short on time but want an insane workout, then Insanity Fast and Furious is for you! In just 20 minutes, you ‘ll get an intense Insanity workout. With Fast and Furious, it’s like getting a 45-minute Insanity workout in less then half the time. Focusing on cardio, abs, and toning, Insanity Fast […]

Bob M. Gets Fit with P90X at 60 Years Old

Bob Michael recently finished 90 days of P90X. Now, Bob is in the best shape of his life, at age 60! He used to watch 2 to 3 hours of television each night, ate things he was not supposed to eat and drank stuff he was not supposed to drink. He will never forget the […]

Shakeology Appears on HBO Entourage

Shakeology meal replacement shake made a special appearance on Entourage, the hit show from HBO. In Episode 84: Hair, Vince puts his next big-budget movie in jeopardy with his antics, Turtle’s romancing with his girl Alex does not go as planned, and Drama is wallowing in self pity! As they gathered in the Vince’s kitchen […]

Who Should do P90X One on One DVD Workouts?

Volume 3 P90X One on One is a continuation of the Tony Horton One on One series. It’s guess who –  Tony Horton unscripted in his personal gym. No frills, no classroom, no cast but lots of confusion! P90X One on One adds a new dynamic of muscle confusion to your workout each month! No […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt does Brazil Butt Lift

Jennifer Love Hewitt topped a list of 50 Most Amazing Bodies in People Magazine’s body issue recently. She showed off her new, svelte figure for the cover of People magazine. Brazil Butt Lift by Leandro Carvalho was one of the fitness programs that Jennifer Love Hewitt used to get her newly trim and toned figure […]