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How to Get the Most Out of P90X

P90X is a comprehensive home fitness program that includes 12 DVD workout routines, 3-phase nutritional plan, fitness guide, and your expert trainer, Tony Horton! P90X can get you in the best shape of your life in 90 days. So, why then do people fail to get results and just quit P90X? Don’t be one of […]

One on One Diamond Delts with Tony Horton P90X

Are you a P90X grad looking for a way to intensify your P90X workouts? Tony Horton’s One on One subscription is a series of DVDs that are released once a month. You can also purchase the One on One DVDs individually. One on One is now in season 2, with Tony Horton bringing you an […]

Eliminate Bad Foods from Your Kitchen

I get lots of email from people who complain because they do fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme and more, but don’t seem to get results. I always ask that fitness defining question: are you following the nutrition plan that came with your Beachbody fitness program? Usually the answer is NO!  Let me tell […]

RevAbs Nutrition Guide Review

The RevAbs Nutrition Guide is included with Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs 90 day fitness program. The RevAbs Nutrition Guide is 65 pages of healthy meals, snacks, and recipes created to help you get flat, firm abs. The nutrition plan is also designed to give you plenty of energy to complete your Rev Ab workouts! Many people […]

Slim in 6 with Debbie Siebers 6 Minute Abs Review

6 Minute Abs is one of three free gifts that you get with Debbie Siebers Slim in 6 fitness program. Slim in 6 is a six week program designed for rapid weight and loss and healthy body slimming. If you are willing to commit to following the daily routines and diet, you will get visible […]

Using Meditation to Reduce Stress

Can five minutes a day really keep the Doctor away? According to Yoga Booty Ballet co-creator, Gillian Marloth-Clark, daily meditation can help you to lower blood pressure and prevent stress-related illness by slowing life down some and taking the much needed time to reflect. Are you a person who has not yet tried meditation, or […]

Hate P90X Yoga X? Replace It with Fountain of Youth Yoga

Are you one of those P90Xers who complain about the Yoga X workout? P90X Yoga X is 90 minutes of 38 tough yoga moves. The Yoga X poses are grouped into Moving Asanas, balance postures, floor work, and the Yoga belly. Yoga X is based on the philosophy of Hatha yoga, where the more you […]

Turbo Jam Maximum Results Fitness Program

How do you improve on a weight loss system that is already proven to burn over 1000 calories per hour? You super charge it! Turbo Jam was created by world-renowned trainer, Chalene Johnson and promises to see results faster then ever. Turbo Jam Maximum Results is even better than Turbo Jam! Chalene Johnson packs each […]

RevAbs 90-Day Ab Fitness DVD Program with Brett Hoebel

Available Now! RevAbs is a new 90-day fitness program from Beachbody and Brett Hoebel that promises to revolutionize your ab workout. Rev Abs delivers results using a method called “abcentrics”, which “fires your abs” with every exercise so every move is an ab move! REVABS with Brett Hoebel is available now! ORDER REVABS 8 DVD […]

Push Play LIVE with Tony Horton and P90X

What an exciting weekend! I had the pleasure of attending a live P90X workout event with Tony Horton in Santa Monica CA on Saturday. The event was hosted by, the makers of the most beautiful yoga-inspired apparel for healthy living. The event was open to the public and lots of people showed up who’ve […]