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How to Take Proper Body Measurements to Track Fitness Progress

When you start any fitness program, it’s important for you to take your body measurements. Whether you do P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, running, or any fitness activity, measuring various parts of your body will help encourage you to keep going once you start seeing results! Taking an accurate set of body measurements every 30 […]

Shakeology Workouts – The 30 DVD Review

Shakeology The Workouts – The 30 is part of a 2-DVD at-home fitness program. The complete Shakeology Program consists of the Shakeology Shake and the Workouts: The 30 and The 50 DVDs. Tania Ante leads you through the Shakeology Workouts. You may be familiar with Tania Ante from other at-home fitness programs that she appears […]

Shaun T. Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide

Insanity is Shaun T’s latest, cardio-based 60-day fitness program. Insanity promises to get you in the best shape of your life! That is, if you do the exercises for 60-days and follow the Insanity Elite Nutrition plan. The Insanity Elite Nutrition plan is part of the Insanity at-home fitness package – Insanity 10-DVD base kit […]

Buy Shaun T. Insanity for $99

Sounds tempting doesn’t it? Sure, you see a headline and want to buy Shaun T’s newest INSANITY workout for $84 with free shipping! The fact is that the Insanity DVDs that you’ve been tempted to purchase on various Web sites that have recently popped up, for $84, $99, and so forth,  originate from China (or […]

P90X Success Story – Lose Fat with P90X

Jim was overweight and mad at himself prior to starting P90X. He was instructing people on how to be high performance athletes but he himself was a big lardo with love handles! Jim had to do something to get rid of his fat! He heard about P90X but was skeptical. But Jim knew that he […]

Slim in 6 Ramp It Up Review

Slim in 6 is a body-slimming at-home fitness program that takes you through three phases of intensity. This exercise method tones your body and trims away the fat, while increasing your strength, endurance, and energy. When you do Slim in 6, a 6 week fitness program, for  6 days per week you can reshape your […]

Shaun T. Insanity MAX Interval Sports Training DVD Review

By now you’ve heard the buzz about Insanity, the newest 60-day at-home fitness program from Shaun T. and Beachbody. Insanity is such an intense cardiovascular interval program, that we only recommend it if you are already at an intermediate fitness level! When you do the Insanity 10 DVD program, you do not use weights or […]

Get a Discount on P90X and Accessories with P90X Peak Results Package

If you are looking to get a great deal on P90X and accessories like the P90X Chin-Up bar, a month supply of P90X Results and Recovery Formula, and three resistance bands, this Peak Results Package is for you! Usually, when you do P90X, the extreme 90-day home fitness program from Tony Horton, you end up […]

Thin Kitchen Recipe Book Review

The Thin Kitchen Recipe Book provides you with the building blocks you need to stop “dieting” and start living a happy, healthy lifestyle. You cannot purchase the Beachbody Thin Kitchen Recipe Book! The Thin Kitchen Cookbook is a FREE gift when you join Team Beachbody as  a Club member. Even if you later cancel your […]

How to Tone Flabby Arms

Do you avoid wearing short sleeve shirts due to your flabby arms? When was the last time you wore a sleeveless dress? It’s time to get the sculpted, toned arms and shoulders you always wanted and be proud to wear those sleeveless shirts! Flabby arms are a major problem area for many people. You want […]