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Get a Fresh Supply of Beachbody Every Month with Home Direct

Are you enjoying the benefits of Beachbody’s supplements, like whey protein powder, Shakeology, P90X recovery drink, or other nutritional products? Are you like me, and forget to order these each month and then run out? I finally discovered that Beachbody has a Home Direct program. When you order your supplements on this autoship program, you […]

New Team Beachbody Site is Coming in June

The new Team Beachbody Web site is coming to you very soon – I can’t wait. Not only does Beachbody help you transform your body and your life, but now, they are upgrading and redesigning the Team Beachbody Web site to give you a very cool, social networking like experience. You will be able to […]

Is P90X for You?

You have seen the P90X infomercials, or maybe your friend told you about it and you are ready to get going! But wait. Ask yourself: is P90X really for you? Why not find out before you plunk down $120 plus tax and shipping? Don’t worry, if you are not quite ready for P90X, I will […]

My P90X Results

Want to get in fit and lose weight? Here is my P90X results story which I hope will motivate you to get started. Before I started this workout, my goal was to get great P90X results aimed at toned arms and tight abs. In addition to reaching my goal and getting great P90X results, I […]

How to Do P90X with a Foot Cast

Don’t try this at home without the permission of your doctor! Over 5 weeks ago, my doctor put a cast on my left foot. The MRI told it all – a soft tissue tear that was extremely painful and causing movement to the bone to which the soft tissue attached. The accessory navicular bone to […]

Shipping Discount on P90X

Are you looking to get a deal on P90X shipping costs? Or any Beachbody product like Chalean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, and others coming soon like Shaun T Insanity? You have come to the right place! If you order P90X from, the cost is $119.85 + $19.95 for shipping. Now, if […]

Slim in 6 Success Story

Barbara D. dropped 14 percent of her body fat with Slim in 6! When her body began to reflect the stress of four life altering events, she became burned out, exhausted and overweight.Not only did she decrease her body fat with Slim in 6, but also increased her energy levels. She stopped working out because […]

Why Live Fitness Now?

Some people have asked me why I chose the domain name, for my new Web site. My answer: if not NOW, then WHEN? The name was appropriate. I know so many people that consistently tell me things like, “I am going to start going to the gym next week” or “Maybe I’ll walk tomorrow, […]

Brett Favre is Bringing It with P90X

Brett Favre, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history was Tweeting about doing P90X in the basement! Brett Favre’s Tweet:  “Did P90x in the basement just now. First day – chest & back. Pain!!”  Ouch! Will future Hall of Famer Brett Favre really retire? We don’t know but what we do know is he […]

Kathy Smith’s Project:YOU! Type 2 Takes Center Stage at Diabetes Expo

Kathy Smith took center stage at the Diabetes Expo at Long Beach Convention Center to share Beachbody’s healthy lifestyle solution Project:YOU! Type 2. Project:YOU! Type 2 is a 12-week fitness program aimed at those who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. You may help manage or prevent it with this revolutionary new […]