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Download P90X Worksheets and Calendar

When you do an extreme home workout program like P90X, it’s important that you write down what you did at every workout. Tony Horton reminds of this over and over during nearly every workout! And he is right! You need to record your repetitions and sets, in order to track your progress. Hopefully you used […]

Sheryl Crow Gets Fit with P90X

P90X is a quality workout program that surfaced recently at the Grammys. Sheryl Crow revealed during an interview with E Channel that she stays in great shape with P90X. She heard about P90X from a friend. P90X’s popularity is growing because it’s a home fitness program that works. P90X is not just for celebrities, anyone […]

Make Money with Beachbody and P90X

When I started P90X, I had no idea about the exciting money making opportunity offered by Beachbody. I was so focused on my workout and fantastic results, I missed this important message. I found myself telling lots of people about P90X. Then I came across a Beachbody Coach who simply said, “why not get paid […]

P90X Review – Phase 2

Wow. I was starting P90X Lean program Phase 2 and was still interested! I felt a great sense of accomplishment on completing the first 30 days of Phase 1 and saw results.  Sixty days to go and I couldn’t wait! Phase 1 was about getting my body accustomed to doing the movements and learning how […]